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Disposed of fell to 4360, and the average duration rose to 182 days. Disposed of fell to 11,448, and the average duration rose to 149 days. Eardd, the rainfall was much above the average in all the subdivisions. Was sufficient and certain, and the best dry crop cultivation flourished. Better soils without the help of water yielded two crops in the year. Tion of the sub-division and nearly all the highly assessed villages.

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Time a high hot laud wind occasionally blows throughout the day. Which he was presented by his worshippers, are ranged at some distance belund him. Great-great-grandson of Parshuram and aged ninety. Wall to the roof is thirteen feet high with a three feet parapet. Mud walls, which, with their situation, render them capable of defence.

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To avoid any gap in coverage, the forms must be submitted and approved prior the end of the month the child turns 26. PEOs are organizations that provide support services, including human resources services, to companies. Typically, PEOs provide such services to small and medium sized companies that do not have internal staff committed to providing such services. Over the past 40 years, PEOs have become a substantial segment of the national employment landscape.

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(Rs. 34) in the first class to 4s. The castemen, send their boys to school, and are a steady class. A belt along the west of the district six to fourteen miles broad. (Rs. lJ-2) the hundred cubic feet. The Krishna within Sdngli limits about six miles south of Bhilavdi. To make a login, consumers must want to enroll yourself control with theyourdependentverification. If you’re a new employee and are adding dependents to health coverage, you must complete the dependent eligibility verification.

Those of the boy’s father and they go round the booth five times. (Rs. 4) and those of a fairly well-to-do person £1 (Rs. 10). A pair of shoes to the village headman and the accountant or kulkarni. Service, while others go to Poona and Bombay in search of work. Sometimes the guests sit singing till daybreak.

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Feet high by three broad, and has to be entered from due east. Hundred feet in height and receding in a north-easterly direction. Musalmdns lie about two hundred yards off to the south of the road. Gorge by which the mail road passes into the Satara sub-division. Divisional head-quarters which are to be transferred here from Peth.

To be taken on account of alienated lands in Government villages. Of the 340 square miles, 327 have been surveyed in detail. Government villages was 5095 with an average area of 3o‘93 acres. Of the 499 square miles, 415 have been surveyed in detail. Government villages was 16,335 with an average area of 12’50 acres. Of the 509 square miles, 495 have been surveyed in detail. Government villages was 2-5,371 with an average area of 5’84 acres.

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Lifferent sub-divisions into which they had lately been redistributed. ’ Major W. C. Anderson, Survey Superintendent, 131 of 26th April 1862. The Patankar alone held forty-three. Became more and more excessive and the villages less accessible. The villages of that part ready communication with large markets. Officers were airolished and absorlred by the survey assessment.

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The British had captured the fort, and a scouting force had left the fort on a patrol. A German force entered the fort, killed the commanding officer and set up an ambush. Day with the grand procession of the Raja and his chiefs and followers. Better can perhaps be found at Rasati a village half a mile north. Good starting point for a visit to Machhiiidmgad fort one mile south.

adpdvs com

Square mile and in 1882 a land revenue of £15,600 (Rs. 1,56,000). Square mile, and in 1882 a land revenue of £34,893 (Rs. 3,48,930). To the square mile, and in 1S82 a land revenue of £9702 (Rs. The population was 39,061 or 243 to the square mile. And at Vaduth six miles north-east of Sdtara on the old Poona road. P, and is a prominent object about four miles south-west of Karad. Of the district at Kothla about twelve miles north-east of Dahivadi.

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From north to south, forms the western boundary of the district. To the Man and Bhima about twenty miles south-east of Pandharpur. Consova is a pioneer in health care cost containment. As a leader in dependent eligibility audits and other coverage verification, we have saved employer sponsored health plans millions.

Arches running from north to south and two from east to west. The Peth-Sdngli local fuud road passes close to the west. Square adpdvs com mile, and in 1882 a land revenue of £21,916 (Rs. 2,49,160). Late crops chiefly and groundnuts and when watered sugarcane.

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The Sahyadri range within the lands of the Pant Sachiv of Bhor. In the southern twenty miles, it overflows its banks every rains. Eminence at the southern end of a range of hilts in the west of Patan. The Krishna valley on the west and the Vasna valley on the east. To the foot of the hills and sometimes climb the lower slopes. These broad valleys are the richest part of the district. When you reach the login page, check whether the Caps Lock feature is turned on while typing your username or password.

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  • The population was 39,061 or 243 to the square mile.
  • The bridge was built in 1872 at a cost of £13,296 (Rs. 1,32,960).
  • But it usually runs dry in the hot weather.

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Privilege of bathing in the sacred waters is not enjoyed by all. Waters of the Pancbganga and worshipping the principal images. Temples should be called Mahabaleshvar and Atibaleshvar. Inside is the temple of Bhavani, Shivaji’s family goddess. Messenger was left in charge of the Superintendent’s house. Twelve miles and most of the best views will have been seen.

In the Mahabaleshvar forests, the hill soil apparently being well suited to its growth. There are not many plants of this tribe in Satara upland district. One of the commonest shrubs about Mahdbaleshvar ; cold weather.

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